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Ben Kessler

Rivers of Wind

In the midst of ecological catastrophe, indigenous persecution, and the attempted mechanization of the living world, the beauty of the earth remains defiantly vibrant.

"Please read this book, and then put the book away and go outside, transformed."

- Derrick Jensen, author of  The Myth of Human Supremacy

rivers of wind reviews


Spoken Words

VA Festival of the Book 2017

panel conversation with denise low and lulu miller. we discuss the life of the landscape, personal histories of assimilation and memory, and the interactions of language and landscape.

Late Night Library

Interview on Late Night library with Kristin Maffei.  We talk about fighting, writing, and how to keep your head up in a world of beauty and disaster.


I hear a rushing sound in the meadows behind the meadows, as of a million wings lifting from the flowerheads of shared history.