Praise for Rivers of Wind

"Ben Kessler is that rarest and most precious of writers, one whose every word is formed and informed by a profound love of the natural world, one whose loyalty is undeniably with the world that is our and everyone else's only home.  And he's a hell of a writer.  Please read this book, and then put the book away and go outside, transformed."

- Derrick Jensen, author of 'The Myth of Human Supremacy', 'Endgame', and others

"'The entire ancient earth thinks prodigiously / and the murmur of its great trees grows.'  Rilke's lines kept nudging me as I pored over this manuscript.  By the time I reached the end, I had the eerie sense that Kessler, a recovering biologist, was somehow channeling Thoreau ('Shall I not have intelligence with the earth?'), Loren Eiseley ('I was water and the unspeakable alchemies that gestate and take shape in water.'), and the towering, brilliant indignation of Edward Abbey.  I don't normally hold with resurrections, but I'm making an exception with Ben Kessler.  Abbey is back."

- Calvin Luther Martin, author of 'The Way of the Human Being', 'The Great Forgetting', and others